Flatfile is a collective of private consultants specializing in the Boston art market. We focus on helping consumers and new collectors find quality contemporary art. Flatfile works collaboratively to promotes the work of local and locally trained artists, as well as the efforts of local galleries.

We work to grow the Boston area's contemporary art market by giving greater exposure to local and locally trained artists, by educating potential buyers, and by creating alternative venues and experiences for buying art. We also work individually with private clients to find quality art for their homes and lives. We believe that buying local is essential.

We are passionate about getting artists the support they need to remain working and living in the Boston area. We are equally passionate about helping buyers find what they love, and want them to feel good about buying art and confident in the quality of their purchases.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we work with individual clients..

We have personally viewed and vetted all the artists whose work is represented on our website, and pride ourselves in having collaborative and supportive relationships with local artists, galleries and museums.  The aesthetic style of work we show on this site differs, but is unified by the high level of quality and integrity.  


Mika Hornyak was a former Director of the Corporate Art Program at the DeCordova Museum, had her own successful corporate arts consulting business, and was the Manager of Product Development for Decorative Arts and Sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. After many years living abroad, she still travels frequently to Europe and keeps her eye on the contemporary art scene from Barcelona to London. To reach her directly email: Mika (at) flatfileboston.com.

Sara Dassel has a graduate degree in Art History. She started her career in New York’s gallery scene, became the Exhibition Coordinator at the American Federation of Arts and then worked for several years in Citibank’s Art Advisory Service. After moving to Boston, Sara was Director of Exhibitions at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston and a photography feature writer for Art New England. To reach her directly email Sara (at) flatfileboston.com

George Sopel is a lawyer, but his passion is collecting art. He actively collects works by emerging local artists and young contemporary Canadian artists. George has dedicated substantial time in his legal practice to assisting local artists through the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts program. To reach him email Geroge (at) flatfileboston.com