Growing local art

Stacey Cushner, Tulip, Hydrangea (aft. Fromantiou),  oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches

With Open Studios going on all over town, and new shows in the galleries, there is so much to go look at out there.  And yes – there’s a lot of good stuff, and a lot of stuff that might not be your thing.  The fact is, the price point varies, but you still should be able to find great quality within your budget.  Last week we found some work that we loved.  It’s being framed right now.

Are there emerging local artists out there who might become the next big thing? Certainly – there are local museum quality artists looking for gallery representation, and would be exciting to buy before they “make it big”.   How do you know it’s “worth it” to make any level of investment in an original work of art?   Well that’s a conversation we would love to have with you.

Like any investment decision, part of the decision is committing to the market itself – we’ve got to think about buying local in order to nurture the local scene.  If there are no local collectors, what’s to keep the top artistic talent from leaving the area?