Can You Say Talent?

Untitled Box Series 1, 2010, oil on panel, 72in x 52in. Courtesy the artist.
Here’s a prime example of the level of talent that the area’s graduate and undergraduate programs are producing.  There are so many things about this painting that surprised us.  Most obviously is the mastery of the brushwork.  When we first saw a reproduction of her work, we thought for sure it was a photograph. But no, this woman can seriously paint.  In addition, the subject matter has much greater nuance than first impression.  A cursory read is “naked women in a box – maybe it’s about commodification of women?”  Not so obvious.  There are faint smiles on the faces, as well as an affection and familiarity in the gestures.  Check out Chelsey Tyler Wood’s show Form, Space & the Female Body at Montserrat College of Art’s Carol Schlosberg Gallery through Nov. 26.  It’ll be worth the drive to Beverly.

Chelsey’s young, just finished graduate school, but if she keeps it up, we are sure that people will be seeing more of her work.  She’s one worth watching, or collecting, for sure.