Northeast Corridor

Liz Jaff, Foramen, 2011, cut paper on board, 37 13/16" x 25 3/4" x 2",  Courtesy the artist

We recently went to New York to visit with some locally trained artists who are now working and selling there.   A few posts ago we featured the work of one of these folks, Nate Ethier.  Nate’s got some irons in the fire with a bunch of exhibitions coming up, and lots of gallery interest.  We’re excited to see the direction of his new work and will share it on the site soon. 

We also met up with Liz Jaff, a Rhode Island School of Design grad, whose lovely paper cutout is shown above.  Her work ranges from the cutouts to large-scale paper installations, from drawings and works on paper, to one-of a kind quilts.

Liz is an established artist, whose work is thoughtful, graceful, and well-crafted.  Liz mentioned that she was creating a piece to celebrate a first wedding anniversary, for which the traditional gift is paper.  We can’t imagine a more fitting tribute to the care and dedication that goes into any relationship than one of her beautiful works.