Weekly file: round and round we go

John Guy Petruzzi, Parabloom, watercolor on yupo polypropylene, 26" x 40", 2011, Courtesy the artist

Scene: two people in a car, driving around the far edges of Jamaica Plan…maybe.

Are you sure you know where we’re going?

I have a basic idea, and think I’ve been there before, or near there.

Phone rings.

Did you guys find the place?
We think we are pulling up now.

More often than not, this is what it’s like when we go on a studio visit. Remote places…at least remote for us. Places that only the GPS can find for us.

After literally driving in circles last week, we ended up at John Petruzzi’s studio, and were enchanted by this young artist’s work. Barely out of graduate school, he has sold most of what he made – so we left quickly so he could get back to work. One to keep an eye on for sure.