Option paralysis

David Kelley, Cartoosh 27, 2010, acrylic gouache on canvas, 20"x16", courtesy the artist.

One of the biggest concerns people express to us about buying contemporary art - or any art for the matter – is around whether or not a piece is “worth it”. This concept of “worth it” covers so many different issues related to the price, the quality, the medium, the size, and the potential resale value, and the confidence in your acquisition of art.   

When it comes to buying art, even small purchases can get all gummed up with worry about making a mistake (people also tend to fret about spending more on the frame than the piece itself is worth…but that’s a whole other story).   

A few weeks ago we were talking with a friend about something totally not related to art and she said, “You know, if it doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t right”.  Such great advice. Taste in art is subjective, but when you buy what you like, are confident it is good quality, and is a price you can afford, you are making the right decision.