Pounding the pavement

Nancy Blum, Dart, Ink, graphite, colored pencil and gouache on paper, 48 x 38 inches, Courtesy Ellen Miller Gallery

Last week in Los Angeles, armed with a list of suggestions from a local dealer who is a friend of Flatfile, we set out to gallery hop.  Under the hot LA sun, we popped in every few blocks to visit several galleries. The physical spaces they have out there are amazing, and there was some nice work up too, but many galleries were shuttered for installation of  new shows.

At one of the galleries, we overheard a visitor say “See, this is what’s wrong with the art world. You have to work too hard to find something you like, and even just to visit a gallery. My feet hurt."

We love gallery hopping. But we understand that it can be hard work.  Galleries are hugely important to a healthy art market.  So while it might seem daunting to figure out the local landscape, it’s worth it when you do.