Summer Postcards: July 3, 2012

Mark Cooper, Beginnings, mixed media, 84 x 52 inches, 2012. Courtesy the artist

During the summer months Flatfile’s art collecting blog is on break, and we are just showing images of work we want to share. 

Our mission is to grow the local contemporary art market. We have personally viewed and vetted all the artists whose work is represented on our website, and pride ourselves in having collaborative and supportive relationships with local artists, galleries and museums.  We are passionate about getting artists the support they need to remain working and living in the Boston area.  The aesthetic  style of work we show on this site differs, but is unified by the high level of quality and integrity. 

We are confident the art we feature would be an asset to any collection. 

Enjoy the summer break –and take a look around the site and catch up on our posts if you haven’t yet had a chance to read them!   Have fun and look at more art!

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