Weekly file: more than just a pretty face

Margaret Rose Vendryes, Kifwebe Jody, 30 X 30 inches, oil with cold wax on canvas and paper, 2012, courtesy the artist.

We spend a fair amount of time focused on emerging artists - but make no mistake, there are many local mid-career artists with dealers and collectors outside Boston, but not much local attention.  In fact, most of them are dedicating their lives to teaching this new generation of emerging artists. This  artist educator actually traded the New York scene for Boston not too long ago, and we are lucky to have her here.  Her work has been shown and placed in collections in New York and Miami, but has not yet had much exposure in the Boston area. Steeped in references to African culture, pop culture, and gender politics the body of work from which this piece is taken from is both visually powerful and intellectually engaging.  In other words, not only are they smart, they are funky and edgy too.