Weekly file: first impressions make a difference

Andrew Masullo, 5365, oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inches, Courtesy Steven Zevitas Gallery
Let's talk today about a necessary evil, the web.  All art dealers and artists use the web. It's a very important tool these days. However, there's a difference between looking at an image and really experiencing the work of art. Case in point, this post. The image on the screen gives the impression that the work is huge, gorgeous, colorful.  In person, it's actually more intimate, gorgeous and colorful; around the size of a sheet of notebook paper.  However, this piece is really part of a larger concept. The artist installs his work so that multiple pieces of differing size, texture and scale interact with each other. The result blows you away. What's our point? How different that experience is from this tiny. Really, it's like visual music with rhythm and light...so lovely.