Weekly file: importing as well as exporting

Luca de Gaetano, Interior Design, acrylic and oil on canvas, 83 x 69 inches, 2012. Courtesy the artist.

While we are continually happy to discover good artists who are practicing their craft in and around Boston, we often bemoan the departure of talented artists to the larger art metropolises – New York, L.A., etc.  So, it gives us a particular thrill when we meet an early-career artist with serious “chops” who has decided to settle down and make a go of it here.  Prior to pursuing graduate studies in fine arts in Boston, this Italian artist was a working architect in his home country. Here to pursue his passion for drawing and painting, his palette has exploded in just the few years that he has dedicated himself to the craft. His style and technique has evolved tremendously during that time. We think that he will be someone to watch carefully in the next few years.