Weekly file: if your walls could talk

Dana Woufle and Kenji Nakayama, Art is a Battlefield, 10 x 5 feet, Spray paint and enamel on board,  2013. Courtesy the artists and Lot F Gallery.
Summer is officially over and Flatfile's collecting blog is back in action.  Like most art markets, Boston's is pretty quiet during the summer with galleries taking time to off before the start of a new season.  We love the break, it gives us time to catch up on studio visits, connect with artists and take stock of things.  Last year we could really feel the art market starting to wake up.  As we think about the coming year, it's that sense of activity and momentum that has us excited.

So once you're done putting the beach chairs away, the kiddos are back at school, and you are finally able to sit down on your couch with a glass of wine and enjoy the peace, don't get freaked out by that small but persistent background noise.  It's hard to make out what's causing it, but if you listen closely you'll hear that it's actually your blank walls calling out for you to fill them with quality locally sourced art.  And they are not going to stop until you find what you love and get it up there.