Weekly file: always relied on the kindness of artists

Alexandra Rozenman, Wet Sidewalk, oil on canvas, 32 x 24 inches, 2013. Private collection.
Flatfile hit the town Saturday night for the much awaited biannual Aids Action Committee's ArtCetera benefit. The turnout was amazing, and the art spectacular.  However, despite the jaw dropping setting and the gorgeous crowd, what struck us most was the generosity of the participating artists (Flatfile friends included). Yes, it is great exposure to get your work out in front of such a well-heeled crowd, but the reality is that the artists (often referred to as starving artists for a reason) are donating a piece of their livliehood to benefit whatever fitting cause or nonprofit.  And in return, we feel it's only right to give them our support in turn.  Artists find different ways to give back to their communities. Some donate their work to charity auctions and fundraisers. Others give directly of their time and energy by volunteering at youth centers  and schools. As collectors, we have a direct way to give back, by buying from and supporting our local galleries and artists we are helping to grow a healthy local creative economy, and filling our lives with wonderful art.