Weekly file: home grown

Lana Caplan, Gloriosa Lillies, Photogram, 16 x 20 inches. Courtesy the artist and Gallery Naga.
Boston has a thriving photography community.   Not only are there a ton of talented established and emerging photographers living and working in the area, there are also a host of schools, galleries and museum collections that provide wonderful opportunities to access and learn about this diverse medium.  One aspect of photography that is particularly well-represented in Boston is the use of "alternative processes", a term that refers to photographs which are made without the traditional camera-based process.  Boston is unique in that we have many photographic luminaries in this particular genre working and teaching in the area.   This well-established locally trained and working artist is one such expert.  Her mastery of the photographic medium allows her to choose processes that add a layer of meaning to the pure visual beauty.