Weekly file: take a picture it lasts longer

Tanja Hollander,  Untitled 41215 Placencia, Belize, Archival pigment print,  24 x 24 inches, 2004. Courtesy Carroll and Sons.
Sometimes people ask us to refer them to an artist who does portraits. And of course, there are many talented local artists who are willing to do family sittings, or special commissions. We just learned recently about this particular artist who is working on a portrait project where she's going around and taking pictures of all of her friends on Facebook which will then become part of an installation at Mass MoCa. To support the project, she's going to do a limited number of private sittings, that then can get included in her solo exhibition in 2017 at Mass MoCA of all of her Facebook friend portraits. So why are we featuring a seascape if we're talking about portraits? Because she could also shoot a "portrait" of your favorite place, or people, for those who are might want to participate.  So cool.  Ping us for details if you want to learn more.