Weekly file: different dimensions

Kim Radochia, Big Blue, acrylic, paper, resin on board, 48 x 28 inches, 2013. Private collection.

People often ask us if we focus on two dimensional work, given that we've named our group Flatfile. We chose out name for the art related reference, a flat file is a cabinet for storing works on paper. We also just wanted a name that was somewhat neutral and fun to say, and that wasn't about us or our names. While the majority of folks with whom we work are looking for two dimensional work (paintings, photos, drawings, prints) we certainly do not limit our our search for creative talent to the this realm and often discover wonderful work in all different mediums. Sculpture and installations are wonderful additions to any home or collection. We visited with an artist today who is amazingly diverse in her work, and really hits her stride with site-specific installations and sculptures. Her latest works are lovely renderings of tonal patterns found in nature.

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