Weekly file: a stitch in time

Katrina Majkut, 2 M9 Guns, Thread and Cross Stitch Fabric, 15 x 12 inches, 2014. Courtesy the artist.
We did a studio visit with this artist a few years ago, before she had finished her graduate degree.  She was still working on her thesis, consisting mainly of large paintings.  However, on one wall were some tiny cross stitch pieces that we could not stop looking at.  She told us that the technique had been taught to her by her grandmother.  There was a humor and honesty in the juxtaposition of the subject matter and the medium that we loved.  Having recently checked in with the artist, we were delighted to see this body of work had evolved.  Not to date us, but they do bring to mind those curious ads in the back of the old Ms. magazines for the "Ladies Sewing Group and Terrorist Society".  We think Grandmother should be proud.