Weekly file: no place like home

Ross Palmer Beecher, Square License Plate Quilt, Tin, wire, and license plates, 61 x 61 inches, 2014. Courtesy Greg Kucera Gallery.
What a summer! Filled with gorgeous weather, grilling, beach, friends, and for us, always tons of art.  Between the three of us, we covered a lot of ground this summer; driving, flying, and boating all over the place. Everywhere we went, we were compelled to take some time and check out the local galleries and museums. With the blog back in action, we're going to share some of what we saw during our travels. The post this week features an artist we saw in Seattle. With pieces in numerous public, private and corporate collections, this RISD trained artist makes "quilts" out of mundane materials like biscuit tins, soda cans and license plates, creating whimsical works that riff on themes of recycling, Americana and new American Folk art. Seattle has a vibrant art scene going on out there.  Of course, our hearts belong to the local Boston art scene. But when it comes to looking at and collecting great art, we are firm believers that "more is more!" Enjoy!