Weekly file: an arts renaissance

Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari, Mauve (Shelter in Plates), Stoneware and digitally printed four-color decals, 10 1/2 inches (diameter), 2014. 
Courtesy Miller Yezerski Gallery.

Last weekend, we attended a panel discussion hosted by the Boston Art Dealers' Association and the City of Boston that examined the current “State of the Visual Arts in Boston”. This was a timely event, in light of the city's new administration's renewed focus on the arts, and the Mayor’s personal interest in seeing an “arts renaissance” in the city. It was a lively discussion amongst some really engaged and committed members of the local visual arts community. The question of public and private sector financial support for the arts was raised, but what interested us most were the very beginnings of a discussion on how to renew and grow the art market. As with any renaissance, Boston needs patrons willing to support the City's artistic activity, not only as spiritual cheerleaders, but also financially, as consumers of the arts. The public  discussion we attended was a good start, and we remain committed to the potential this area has to foster a more robust market for Contemporary Art.

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