We are passionate about getting artists the support they need to remain working and living in the Boston area. We are equally passionate about helping buyers find what they love, and want them to feel good about buying art and confident in the quality of their purchases.  Our goal is to make buyers feel comfortable, confident, and excited about brining art into their homes and lives.  We pride ourselves on a high level of integrity and transparency throughout the process or looking for and acquiring art.  

The process typically begins with a phone conversation, followed by an in-person meeting, a period of research, and then an initial presentation of options.  Our success rate for clients finding something that fits their taste and needs during this initial offering is close to 90%.

We personally view and vet all the artists we present, and pride ourselves in having collaborative and supportive relationships with local artists, galleries and museums.  The aesthetic style of work we promote and offer differs, but is unified by the high level of quality and integrity.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we work with individual clients. 

The owners of Flatfile have introduced original art into my life. Before I started working with them, I did not know where to begin to look for original art that was within my price range. Not only do they show you, let you react to, and discuss with you, various works from all different artists so that you can get to know your own taste, they will come into your home to figure out what you need and where and how to stage it if you cannot/do not want to buy pieces to fit into those spaces all at once. They follow through from beginning to end.
— The neophyte collector
I am so pleased with Flatfile’s service. I recently purchased several pieces that I am very, very happy with. The staff were so easy to work with, knowledgeable about the art and artists they deal with, and they have a great talent for suggesting pieces they think you would like as well as that fit into your price range...The unique level of service they offer is an absolutely fantastic way to purchase art.
— Client who needed original artworks after finishing an interior design project
I have utilized Flatfile’s services on numerous occasions. I am an art lover, but I do not know where to look for quality art locally and feel intimidated to visit art galleries on my own. Flatfile has the expertise and know-how to help me find art to meet my unique tastes without fuss & wasted time. I would recommend them to anyone who wants great artwork and that should be everyone!
— Art-lover looking to add to their growing collection